Chinese porcelain Carper fish

This is a porcelain decoration of a Chinese Carper fish. The four Chinese characters painted say 年年有魚, which translates to “may there be fish every year”. The word 'year'(年) is doubled up, which can be translated to 'year after year'. Double character usage is commonly used in Chinese idioms. As the sound of the words 'fish'(鱼) and the word 'yu'(餘), meaning surplus or extra are identical, the play on words ‘have fish’ instead of ‘have abundance’ makes this saying an auspicious blessing often heard during Chinese New Year celebration to wish people well. Thus also making the fish a symbol of wealth and prosperity in Chinese folklore.
Hand painted.

Height: 13cm
Length across widest point: approx. 15cm
Length of base: 12cm
Width of base: 6cm

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