Dinner Party Series #3: Primavera

Jade Palace x Albino Tavares

Dinner party series #3: Primavera
April 2019

For the third dinner party series, Jade Palace teamed up with graphic designer Albino Tavares to cook a spring themed menu.

Albino Tavares, is a graphic designer by day hailing from Portugal. One thing that always stood out to me was his eagerness to try new cuisines and foods. I have never seen him turn down an opportunity and what I love the most is the look of genuine and pure joy on his face when he tries something new for the first time. His enthusiasm is so sincere and reminds me of how we should all be. Most millennials are so woke these days and I admit that I catch myself from time and time being that annoying food snob. I like Albino’s lack of pre-conceived judgements when it comes to food.

His love for flavours sees him doing things like making his own salt from the beaches of Setubal (his hometown) and bottling wines at vineyards in his spare time. His theme for the evening, Primavera, is perfect timing as we step into Spring. Portuguese ingredients reimagined made up his menu for the night, with influences from Asia as well. We also had natural wines paired with our menu for the first time – curated and supplied by Roberto from Gnarly Vines in Leyton.

Words by Kelly