Dinner Party Series #1: China

Jade Palace x Nicole Coson

Dinner party series #1: China
February 2018

For the first dinner party series, Jade Palace teamed up with fine artist Nicole Coson to celebrate Chinese New Year.

We had struck up a friendship over a discussion of our favourite places to eat Chinese food in London a few years ago, before each of us had started our own projects. Today, Nicole runs a project called Nicole’s TV Dinners, as a part of a larger research project on her upcoming book, The Post Colonial Cookbook, where she explores how trade routes, mass migrations, and empires have affected cuisine around the world. Like many diasporas of Chinese background, our identity was something we often had anxieties about in the past and are still continuing to understand in the present. Nicole’s Northern Chinese style food is notoriously good amongst her friends, so I asked her to cook just that for the evening. It was also a pleasure to have help from Matt, who is currently a chef at Shep’s London.

Filmed by Will Hazel
Photographed by Lexi Sun